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Joseph Oat is located in the South Jersey Port Corporation with direct access to an international shipping port. Our strategic location has allowed Joseph Oat to compete on a global scale for many decades.

Joseph Oat Corporation’s large shop is comprised of 120,000 square feet of total floor space and is serviced by overhead cranes rated for 160 tons of lifting capacity. Equipment with dimensions up to 22 feet in diameter, up to 200 feet in length and with weights up to 400,000 pounds have been manufactured within our facility.

The facility has been modernized with CNC machining centers, a horizontal boring mill with 96” vertical reach, and heavy plate rolling equipment (up to 3-1/4” thk x 10ft lg). Our state of the art Quickmill can drill and mill tubesheets up to 15 feet in diameter and up to 10″ thick. Our large array of equipment allows Oat to keep the majority of fabrication activities within our facility.

We have constructed a completely enclosed world class clean room with a total shop space of 20,000 sq. ft. (1860 sq. This room has access to our two 80 ton cranes. The room is state-of-the- art with an independent HVAC temperature controlled environment. Air is filtered 6 to 8 times per hour, and positive pressure is maintained to keep out contaminants. We have the ability to check for the presence of free iron particulates for work requiring special atmospheric monitoring and employ custom fabrication procedures to assure cleanliness and lack of contamination in the fabricated product.

Our heavy lifting capacity, modern fabricating and welding equipment, and expertise in manufacturing large and challenging vessels makes Joseph Oat Corporation the fabricator of choice for buyers demanding excellent workmanship combined with competitive pricing.

Lifting Capabilities

  • (2) 80/15-ton Overhead Bridge Cranes capable of lifting a combined 160 tons that run the full length of the shop
  • (3) 15-ton Gantry Cranes
  • (1) 10-ton Bridge Crane
  • (2) 5-ton Gantry Cranes
  • (1) 500lb Mobile Gantry Crane
  • (2) 10-ton Forklifts


Clean Room

  • 20,000 sqft building fully enclosed and ventilated for welding of reactive metals
  • Access to heavy lift cranes
  • Also used for full separation of Stainless Steel from Carbon Steel
  • Ideal atmosphere for producing contamination free welds
  • Auto GTAW and Sub-Arc Machine

HI 34 Oat Clean Room

Fabrication Capabilities

  • Dedicated machine shop for drilling, turning, and milling of vessel components including large and heavy tubesheets
  • Plate Rolling up to 3-1/4” thk x 10ft wide
  • GTAW, GMAW, FCAW, SMAW, and SAW welding by ASME Section IX, AWS D1.1/1.6, and EN 287-1 qualified welders
  • UT, PT, RT, MT, LT (Helium) by Level II and III inspectors
  • Tubesheet drilling up to 15ft diameter
  • Pressure testing up to 5,000 PSI
  • On-Site Sandblasting and Painting


Shipping Capabilities

  • Barge
  • Rail
  • Flat Bed Truck

Large Vessel on special truck bed

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