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Joseph Oat has (9) cranes throughout the facility, with our largest cranes capable of a combined lifting capacity of 160 tons.  With 60ft vertical height under the hook, Joseph Oat is capable of fabricating large equipment and shipping by barge or rail to our customers. 

The cranes are spaced throughout our 120,000 sqft facility, allowing for equipment of all sizes to be fabricated in multiple locations. 

Lifting Capabilities

  • (2) 80/15-ton Overhead Bridge Cranes capable of lifting a combined 160 tons that run the full length of the shop
  • With the addition of an auxiliary crane, Oat can lift up to 200ton
  • (3) 15-ton Gantry Cranes
  • (1) 10-ton Bridge Crane
  • (2) 5-ton Gantry Cranes
  • (1) 500lb Mobile Gantry Crane
  • (2) 10-ton Forklifts
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