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Joseph Oat Corporation is a leader in manufacturing of ASME Section III, VIII & NQA-1 equipment for the Department of Energy Projects, NNSA, EM, and their Prime Contractors, the Department of Defense, and national laboratories and repositories around the world.  Oat has produced a myriad of extremely complex equipment for highly important and visible projects without a single failure.  Our reputation has been made on critical applications required for Department of Energy and Department of Defense projects.

We have fabricated large and small shell & tube heat exchanges, pressure vessels, tanks, radioactive waste containers, special purpose machinery and equipment, and other specialty weldments.  We have built first of a kind / prototype constructions, equipment which Oat has designed itself, and equipment built to proven customer designs.  We offer a full service manufacturing facility capable of equipment fabrication in a myriad of alloy combinations and equipment sizes.  We perform our own fatigue & seismic analysis using sophisticated software packages.  Oat’s reputation as a reliable one-stop shop for DOE work is well known through the industry.

Examples of DOE Projects that we have supplied major equipment for:

  • Hanford Waste Cleanup Project
  • Spallation Neutron Source Project
  • Yucca Mountain Project
  • Blue Grass Chemical Agent Destruction Pilot Plant (BGCAPP) and many others.
  • Waste Solidification Building Project
  • Salt Waste Processing Facility
  • The MOX Project

Vital Points

Our socioeconomic status is a small business located in an urban enterprise zone.

NAICS codes

  • 332313
  • 332420
  • 332312
  • 332410
  • 332431
  • 332439

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