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Joseph Oat has manufactured heat exchangers and pressure vessels from light sheet gage thickness up to 6” thick.  At our facility, Oat has the capability of rolling cylinders and cones up to 10 ft. wide x 3” thk in Carbon Steel and 10 ft. wide x 2-5/8” thk in Stainless Steel.   We also maintain smaller rolls for lighter gauge cylinders to support the heat exchangers and vessels we produce for our customers.  With these machines, Oat has rolled cylinders as large as 21 ft. diameter and as small as 8” diameter.  We utilize approved subcontractors for cylinder thicknesses in excess of our in-house capacity.

In consideration of the special requirements and restrictions required by some customer specifications, Joseph Oat has increased our beveling capabilities to include burning, machining, or milling.  By having all of these options available to us, Oat is able to manufacture any sized cylinder to meet a wide variety of customer requirements.

Rolling/Forming Equipment

  • Sertom EMO 30-60 Hydraulic Plate Roll
    • 3.07” thk x 10 ft. wide C/S
    • 3.83” thk x 5 ft. wide C/S
    • 2.64” thk x 10 ft. wide S/S
    • 3.3” thk x 5 ft. wide S/S
  • Bertcsh 12” top roll diameter pinch roll
  • 400 Ton Pacific Break – 12ft Table

Beveling Equipment

  • ESAB Plasma Torch
  • DBM 50 Plate edge miller
  • Gullco KBM-18 Edge Beveller
  • Gullco GBM-28 Edge Beveller

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