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Joseph Oat employs draftsmen with over 10 years’ experience in the modeling of heat exchangers, pressure vessels, and custom designed equipment. The draftsmen work side by side with the project engineer to ensure the drawings meet the customer specifications and supplied drawings.

Using AUTOCAD and Solidworks, Joseph Oat produces our own shop fabrication drawings for each job. We find this necessary in order to provide the level required to build to Joseph Oat’s quality standards. Each set of drawings will include, at a minimum, BM Item #’s, Weld #’s, Weld procedure codes, all required fabrication dimensions, inspection requirements, special welding and inspection notes, and multiple sections and views. Drawings are submitted to our customer’s for comment and review when requested.

Each drawing is reviewed by engineering, contracts, quality assurance, and shop management, prior to issuance to the shop for fabrication. This four tiered review guarantees that all requirements are being met and that all details required to build the vessel are present. It is during this review that welding processes are defined and fixtures are designed.

At Joseph Oat, everyone becomes part of the drafting team.

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