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Joseph Oat Corporation continues to expand and develop our capabilities in an effort to meet the always changing demands of a custom fabrication facility. From small tube welding to heavy duty rolling, Joseph Oat’s capabilities are as expansive as any fabricator in the industry. There is no job that is too large or too difficult for us to handle


Heat ExchangersJoseph Oat Corporation is capable of welding virtually any weldable metal in existence, including all steels, stainless steels, duplex alloys, nickel alloys, copper alloys, clad materials, titanium, and zirconium.  Our welders can meet the highest quality standards across a wide array of welding processes and materials.

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Heat ExchangersAs one of the premier heat exchanger fabrication shops in the country, Joseph Oat is capable of drilling tubesheets up to 168” dia X 10” thk or more, depending upon the hole diameter. Our twin-spindle CNC drill press is also capable of milling grooves or edges which allows Oat to complete a finished tubesheet in one setup.

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Heat ExchangersJoseph Oat has manufactured heat exchangers and pressure vessels from light sheet gage thickness up to 6” thick.  At our facility, Oat has the capability of rolling cylinders and cones up to 10 ft. wide x 3” thk in Carbon Steel and 10 ft. wide x 2-5/8” thk in Stainless Steel.   We also maintain smaller rolls for lighter gauge cylinders to support the heat exchangers and vessels we produce for our customers.  With these machines, Oat has rolled cylinders as large as 21 ft. diameter and as small as 8” diameter.  We utilize approved subcontractors for cylinder thicknesses in excess of our in-house capacity.

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Heat ExchangersJoseph Oat maintains a machine shop that more than complements the requirements of our contracts.  From large turning of rings to small bevels on pipes, our machine shop is capable of handling the majority of requirements we encounter.  For special requirements outside of our capabilities, Oat maintains long term relationships with many audited machine shops to perform the work.  Between our own shop and our partnerships, Joseph Oat is capable of machining anything.

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Heat ExchangersJoseph Oat has (9) cranes throughout the facility, with our largest cranes capable of a combined lifting capacity of 160 tons.  With 60ft vertical height under the hook, Joseph Oat is capable of fabricating large equipment and shipping by barge or rail to our customers.

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