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Joseph Oat Corporation has a wealth of experience in the mechanical design and manufacture of Radioactive Fuel and Waste Storage Containers and Canisters. Our large and well equipped manufacturing facility is capable of producing containers ranging from large and heavy dry casks used for on-site storage of fuel to smaller but precision fabricated multi-canister overpacks and shipping containers for virtually any safety-related purpose.

Oat’s QA program is compliant with 10CFR Part 71, Subpart H, 10CFR Part 72, Subpart G, 10CFR50 Appendix B, and ASME NQA-1 most recent addition. Joseph Oat also offers the added advantage of maintaining the ASME Sec III Class 1, 2, 3, and MC stamps for over 40 years. We have executed many large contracts involving hundreds and even thousands of containers.

Some of the fuel and waste container contracts we have completed include:


Nuclear and Commercial Power

  • Multi-Canister Overpacks (MCO) Spent Fuel Storage Casks
  • Bulk Tritium Shipping Packages (BTSP)
  • Plutonium Shipping Containers (Model 9975 and 9977, for example)
  • Re-tube Waste Containers (RWC)
  • MSRE U233 Conversion Reaction Storage Vessels (Uranium)
  • Reaction Vessel Package Canister and Cradle (Burial Casks)
  • Spent Fuel Racks
  • Fuel and Knockout Canisters (Radioactive Cleanup)
  • Three Mile Island Cleanup
  • Waste Disposal Tanks
  • Fuel Transfer Tubes
  • Fuel Storage Casks
  • Prototype Cask (Yucca Mountain)
  • Specialty Shipping Containers


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