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The Joseph Oat Corporation Quality Assurance Program is certified to ASME Section III, Class 1, 2 &3 and complies with NQA-1 latest Code approved edition, 10 CFR 50 Appendix B and ANSI N45.2 for the manufacture of Safety Related equipment.  We also maintain a commercial QA program which complies with the requirements of ASME Section VIII and ISO 9001.  We have maintained our Nuclear ASME Certifications since 1970 and currently hold certificates for “N”, “NA”, “NPT”, and “NS”,  in addition to the commercial ASME U”, “U2”, “S”,  and National Board “R”.  In addition, Joseph Oat is currently ISO 9001:2015 certified with TUV Rheinland of North America, Inc.

Quality is the responsibility of all Joseph Oat employees from order entry through final delivery of the equipment.  Our Quality Program constantly is improved through numerous internal and external audits.

Our Quality Program provides the customer with the confidence that the equipment purchased is the best available world –wide.

Below is a list of complex industry standards that Oat’s QA program meets:

  • ASME Section III (NCA-4000)
  • ASME Section VIII
  • NQA-1 (2009 or earlier)
  • 10CFR50 App. B
  • 10CFR72 Subpart G
  • 10CFR71 Subpart H
  • ISO 9001

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